The Unprecedented journey of 2020-2021

March 2020 will forever be remembered as the time when the pandemic struck the world. The education community was equally affected when almost all the schools across the globe had to shut their doors. The shut-down has continued for over a year now. Never have the schools been shut before for such a long stretch of time!
As we know, with every crisis comes deep challenges, and also various opportunities for transformation which is new and innovative.
This global crisis created a situation where the schools had to literally ‘build with a new educational system overnight’. This wasn’t an easy task at all. However our Principal Ma’m gathered all us staff members to come up with plans that would keep the students engaged and ensure that the learning would not stop. Figuring out how distance learning could work was a challenge, especially in the age group of 3 to 6 years, which was accepted by us.
The sudden shut down of the schools not only changed the routine of our students, but also of the staff members, who had to now manage their families and ensure a quality education for the students. Things which were left undone when the sudden emergency arose, had to now be figured out. We had to finish those tasks virtually without faults or errors as we always strive for perfection.
Our team at Blue Ridge strives for perfection for the benefit of its students. That effort continued, rather continues…during this calamity, with the support of our Principal Ma’m.
As a measure to deal with this catastrophe, prompt meetings and discussions were held to ensure that we could take up virtual schooling. The teachers adapted with the new virtual schooling method despite the various obstacles along the way.
Our technical team and heads of the institution, came up with an amazing App that not only aided the teachers, but kept the students and their parents in the loop ensuring that learning does not stop. Parents were familiarized with this App which was supportive of the Online Classes that were conducted, keeping in mind the age of our students.
Through presentations, videos, voice notes, we worked relentlessly, not just to educate but also to involve our dear students in various activities. We conducted Drawing and Colouring competitions, Singing and Elocution competitions, Art & Craft activities. We celebrated festivals and special days and we even celebrated each of our student’s birthday uniquely. So much so that parents started writing to us to celebrate even those birthdays which fell in holidays!
Despite the crisis we conducted Orientations, Parent-Teacher meetings successfully as follow-up for the Online Classes that we were conducting. Our parents too have been supportive and cooperated through thick and thin.
We continue to strive to make this mode of schooling flawless and convenient for the teachers and the parents to ensure a seamless education.
Thanks to the efforts made by the school and the parent community for making online learning a success. Together we can make a difference in any adverse situation.
As the saying goes ‘United we stand!’
Let’s make this Covid 19 Online schooling journey memorable by coming together for all the hurdles and obstacles we might face in the future too.
We, at Blue Ridge Public School’s Pre-Primary Section, definitely ‘Soar to succeed!’

Ms. Sushmita Pradhan

Teacher: Pre-Primary Section