A Journey to Remember - YUVAAN 2023-24

With every New Year this journey begins
Loads of ideas storming in all the brains

Songs, Concepts, Props and Recordings
Costumes, Accessories and finalizing the detailing
It is important for each one of us to contribute
Prepare, implement and finally execute

Backdrop, Wings creating their best
Packing Team taking care of the rest
Write-ups, Scripts and Vote of Thanks,
Presentation prepared with the annual databanks

The day the sequential practice starts
We can all feel faster beating hearts
Days and weeks, we practice and instruct
The process is always more fun than the product

With Vaidehi ma'm by our side, to support and guide
We can succeed and stand together with pride

Finally this memorable journey comes to an end
But after every end, it’s time to gear up for a new beginning my friend

Ms. Usha Luckwani

Teacher: Pre-Primary Section