Instill a love to learn

‘Rekindle the joy of learning’ was the motto of 2022-2023 as going back to offline schooling post pandemic and getting things back on track was the task. And another successful year! Our team at the Pre-Primary Section of Blue Ridge left no stone unturned to give our students the best learning experience. A good closure is critical for a powerful start. Going forward, teachers at the Pre-Primary Section of Blue Ridge, under the guidance of our Principal Ma'm aim to strive at instilling a love for learning in our students at their foundational stage. That is our motto of 2023-2024… ‘Instill a love to learn’…to encourage our students to become self- motivated, independent, and lifelong learners. Here are some strategies we focus on to help foster a love of learning in our students:
1. Create a positive learning environment: We believe students are likely to enjoy learning when they feel safe, supported, and respected in the school. We create a positive environment that helps to build students' trust, make learning enjoyable and the school a place to look forward to each day.
2. Make learning fun: We incorporate fun and engaging activities focussed on promoting their overall development.
3. Encourage curiosity: “Teaching is not about answering questions but about raising questions – opening doors for them in places that they could not imagine”, said Yawar Baig. We encourage students to ask questions and explore their interests. When students are curious they are likely to be motivated to learn more.
4. Use real-life examples: Using real-life examples can help students understand the relevance of what they are learning and make connections to their own lives. We follow this by taking them to field trips, conducting dramatization of stories and giving various opportunities of role plays.
To sum it up, we inspire hope, ignite imagination and aim to instill a love for learning in our students that will serve them well throughout their academic and personal growth.

Ms. Usha Luckwani

Teacher: Pre-Primary Section