Yuvaan - The Little Royals

The name sounded appealing, it intrigued me. True to the feeling its first sound gave, Yuvaan was completely an out-of the-world experience!!! Having been in the field of education for almost 4 decades has helped me gain quite some insight into the possibilities and limitations that exist at the various levels of schooling.
Of all, I find Pre-Primary school to be the most challenging. Given to the tender age of the kids and the novelty of parents towards the concept of entrusting their kids to this unfamiliar entity called school and unknown people called teachers, makes it a mixed bag of anxiety, concerns, uncertainty... A Pre-Primary school teacher's job is the toughest. I have always loved to witness the tiny tots perform on stage during Annual Days. Every time, I have been awed by how efficiently the teachers bring out the innate talents of the students and present them on stage.
This year I was thrilled to have been invited to, "Yuvaan" - the little royals. Being a granny of a performer was a hidden agenda too. I went with the usual enthusiasm but little did I expect to be absolutely floored by the high standard of the performances.  The show was par excellence!!! By far, the best I have seen so far...
The first thing to surprise me was, Nursery kids, getting in and out of formations, INDEPENDENTLY!!
Till then it had always been that age kids being handheld and led to stand on a specific spot on the dais by their teachers. All kids stood glued to the spot and did the actions which the teacher prompted from behind the wings and then led backstage by the teacher.
But this was something which I was seeing for the first time in my life. I was stumped and remained so till the end of the show... the crescendo was constant.
The ease, confidence and self-assurance of the teachers was directly visible onstage through the students' performances and the credit goes undoubtedly to the able leadership of the Principal, Ms. Vaidehi Moghe.
It becomes all the more significant this year because every single person was emotionally shaken given to the background of the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown. I must say, Ms. Vaidehi had very well done her homework of the planning for the post lockdown challenges and has emerged a clear winner.
She has succeeded in re-stabilizing the emotional disturbances faced by the teachers first and then the parents which contributed to the schooling experience of the kids.
Kudos to you Ms. Vaidehi and your team of teachers. We are blessed to have you as a mentor and guide in the early years of my grandson's upbringing. YEH DIL MANGE MORE...

Lots of love and blessings,

Smita teacher