Screen Time

Screen time usage should have been like a fashion cycle. In a fashion cycle once a fashion is introduced it rises to mainstream popularity and peaks before it declines and gets rejected in obsolescence – meaning - uselessness. Similarly screen time by now should have reached the obsolescence stage, but unfortunately it is still in the mainstream high admiration demand!

And this is a major concern for us.

We all have gone through the deadly covid19 phase where the screens have helped us stay afloat in the world which was sinking so rapidly. The screens helped in keeping the world connected. They helped us in not crumbling in misery. They became the most effective tool in reaching out.

The screens supported the children to continue their learning without any obstruction. When the world was at a standstill teachers could reach their students and educate them. Learning online became the order of the day and the screens facilitated an effective platform for educational institutes. They worked as a catalyst extending the much needed bridge from the world we were cocooned in to the world we wished to step out into. Gadgets being the new source to procure quick and detailed information were relied on heavily. But there is a thin line between using a gadget to acquire information and being hooked on to a screen for no rationally acceptable reason. Many slip on this thin line.

And this is a major concern for us.

Because the other side of this thin line is a nightmare. Excessive screen time has taken away children’s childhood. The deprivation of physical activities leading to obesity is an open invitation to lifestyle illnesses at a very tender age. Our country, unfortunately ranks second in the world to have children dangerously beyond the obesity levels.

Adults now treat a gadget like an extension of their limbs. Constant usage other than anything prolific outcome has become a habit. Work may take priority but number of times the umpteen social media platforms are visited are unnecessary and unproductive and a sheer waste of time. The cascading effect of this reflects on the children, our citizens of tomorrow.

And this is a major concern for us.

As teachers we appeal humbly to all parents, please do not allow your children screen time every day. Remember yourself growing up…did you need a cartoon film to finish your meal? Did you need any entertainment to keep yourself busy?

Times have changed, but we should bring about a good change.

We want to raise children healthy in body and mind. Let’s motivate them to lead a life filled with activities that shape their curious minds to achieve positivity. Reading, playing or even idling away some time running behind butterflies…that’s a sure formula for a happy child leading to a happy country.

Ms. Sonal Bhalerao

Teacher: Pre-Primary Section