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Principal's Message

The aim of education is to develop the capability to apprehend and practice the basic virtues. To develop the talent to think clearly and independently; to understand the views of others and express one’s own views effectively.

At Blue Ridge Public School we try to help each child to develop self-confidence, the ability of expression, social behavior, right attitude towards elders, classmates and the environment so as to develop various life skills. We promote various co-curricular activities long with academics like Yoga, Art and Craft, Music etc.

Our main aim is to foster team spirit and encourage a sense of responsibility and self- discipline amongst students so as to develop leadership qualities. In addition to this we also inculcate the value of empathy, acceptance and mutual respect irrespective of age.

Here, at Blue Ridge Public School each individual has the freedom to spread her wings to SOAR TO SUCCEED.


  • Well-ventilated and spacious classrooms that are ergonomically designed.
  • Well-equipped Library with over 6000 books including a wide range of encyclopedias, journals, novels and motivational books.
  • Three large and airy Assembly Halls with LCD TV and sound system for in-house activities.
  • Three Computer Labs with over 75 high-end computers.
  • Medical Room with an on-call doctor through school hours.
  • Large Art and Craft Room adorned with artwork by students.
  • Well-equipped sports room with advanced equipment for indoor and outdoor games and activities.
  • Well-equipped and separate laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics with advanced safety measures.
  • Music Room that is filled with an array of musical instruments.
  • Dedicated room for Scouts and Guides training and camping material.
  • Counsellor's Room where students can talk to trained professionals about any issue.
  • Three different playgrounds spanning over five acres that can easily accommodate every student.
  • Unique Information Galleries that provide knowledge.
  • Language Walls to help children express themselves creatively.
  • Clean and hygienic canteen that caters mid-day snacks.
  • Adequate entry and exit points for arrival and dispersal.
  • Dedicated water cooler on each floor.
  • Separate washrooms on each floor.
  • CCTV Surveillance and monitoring to keep our students safe at all times.
  • Fire extinguishers in all corridors across the school.

Academics and more

  • We at BRPS nurture every child with a robust academic curriculum that will enable the development of cognitive and creative abilities and also instil core life values in every child.
  • Aligned with the CICSE, the wholesome and competent curriculum of Std VI and VII integrates in our children the links between the newly introduced complex concepts of various subjects and their fundamental knowledge base.
  • For Grades VIII through X, competitive curriculum ensures a thorough understanding of all the concepts with refined language skills and enhanced analytical, rational and logical abilities.
  • Co-scholastic activities such as physical exercises, participation in various sports like basketball, Roll Ball, football, kabaddi, cricket, etc. help students explore their physical abilities and acumen.
  • Trying their hands on a variety of musical instruments, and learning various music forms like Indian classical ((Hindustani music), Western Classical music presents opportunities to explore inherent skills or even develop hobbies.
  • Instilling core life values through ‘Value Education’ in the form of storytelling, skits, open discussions, etc helps students become responsible and good citizens.
  • Students are presented with numerous opportunities to participate in various creative and skill enhancing competitions in school and beyond.
  • Co-scholastic activities along with the scholastic knowledge base, brings about comprehensive development of the student, catering to the needs of the competitive world.
  • Every student through the constant formative and summative assessments, is well prepared for a favourable success at the CICSE Board Examinations.

Beyond Academics

International Yoga Day

Hindi Vaad Vivaad Competition

Student Council Investiture Ceremony

Soft Skill workshop for Teachers

Workshop on Life skills through School Cinema

Principal Ma'am 50th Birthday

Achievements and Awards